Titan Thumb Wrist Brace


Oblique Thumb Stay
is malleable for easy positioning, while rigid enough for excellent thumb stability

Brush Nylon Exterior
is hook and loop sensitive, allowing adjustability of straps over brace surface

Titan Thumb Brace
 Removable, malleable, anatomically contoured
 Aluminum Palmal Stay.
Titan Thumb Support by Hely Weber

 Adjustable Lacing Pull


 Polyester Edging
  ensures long brace life.

  • Universal size reduces inventory!
  • A custom functional fit for each patient
  • Abduction control and angle adjustability
  • Removable and bendable palmal and dorsal stays
  • Easy for patient to reapply


Palmer crease

The brace remains below the palmar crease and allows full finger fucntion.

thumb position

The oblique thumb stay should be bent for desired position..

small wrist thumb brass

On small hands, the brass eyelets will clamshell over the laces for a smooth overlap.


Brass Eyelets secure lacing mechanism.

Removable, Malleable Aluminum Dorsal Stay
titan by Hely Weber

Webspace Strap is totally adjustable.


Medial malleoable Thumb Stay cradles and supports the thumb

Titan Thumb Support Sizing - Measure circumference at wrist and specify left or right hand version.
Size Universal

Fits 4.5" to 9.5" circumference.

wrist thumb measurement

Length Left Item # Right Item #
Short  $31.95 HW-455Left HW-455Right
Long  $34.95 HW-459Left HW-459Right


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